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We are small digital marketing agency with unique approach to marketing.

Holistic Approach to the Marketing


We started our company in 2016 as a website development agency. Over the years, we expanded our offer with digital marketing services like Adwords and Bing advertising, SEO, keyword research, graphics design to help our clients not only convert leads but also generate them.

We learned how to generate traffic, convert traffic to leads, and finally generate sales. These areas are all connected, and they should work together to achieve the ultimate goal – stable business growth.

That’s how our holistic approach to digital marketing has born. When we are working on your website or e-commerce store, we think about the prospect who saw your ads. When we build sales funnel, we think about the entire journey the customer has passed so far. When we design an order confirmation page, we think what your customer should do next. When we craft your logo, we think how it fits into the entire customer journey and brand message.

We are here for the long term. We want to build solid business relationships that the last test of time. We will go above and beyond to make you succeed because your business is our business.

Don’t hesitate to check our portfolio and services offered. Send us a message and let’s see if we are a good match. We are looking forward to starting to work with you!

Appdy.net is a business registered in England and Wales under the name Appdy LTD since 2016.
Company number 10541738
VAT GB297959023

Our Team


Adam Faryna, Founder & CEO

Adam has been programming professionally since 2009. Over the years, he discovered his passion for marketing as a whole, from customer research, via customer development, social media, to digital advertising. Adam is certified Shopify developer and Shopify business expert. Adam is avidly following marketing and design trends, to keep up to date our holistic creative model. He is passionate about public speaking (Toastmasters International), Japanese culture, and teaching.


Marcin Faryna, Co-Founder & Head of IT

Marcin is a professional software developer since 2007. He is an evangelist of agile methodologies and clean design practices. He believes the attachment to details and producing quality work, makes the difference. Marcin uses his knowledge to continually improve our project management process and the productivity of our team, to facilitate a smooth development process. He is passionate about hiking, drones, and Polish cuisine.

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